Upgrade all senses

Sentio by Harvia means a top-level sauna experience for all senses. It is all about balance, and you are at the heart of it. You are the sum of your feelings.

The perfect sauna bathing experience has been created by combining the most in-depth expertise of a Finnish sauna pioneer with all-in-one sauna technology. From the first moment on, Sentio by Harvia is pure pleasure.

Electric heaters

Luxurious heat

Feel the water hiss on the sauna stones. Your favourite ethereal scent billowing in the air. The balance of body and mind. The warmth on your skin. You have everything you need.

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Feel the sun on your skin

The innovative infrared technology and top design of Sentio by Harvia create a luxurious way for you to become relaxed, clean and energised amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Control units

Creating the perfect moment

Sentio by Harvia’s control units make your sauna bathing moments perfect. Smart technology, created for you.

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Sentio by Harvia offers everything you need for your sauna experience. You do not have to worry about the design, because we have already taken care of everything. It is time to sit back and enjoy yourself.


Sensory symphony

A Sentio by Harvia sauna atmosphere is created through the seamless synergy of a state of the art sound system and sauna fragrances. Sound creates space. Would you prefer sound or silence? Or calming music? What about scents: Sweet or crisp? The choice is yours – compose your own sensory symphony.

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