Sentio by Harvia
Press release

Sentio by Harvia upgrades all senses – Finnish sauna company Harvia’s new brand offers multisensory enjoyment

Finnish sauna and spa company Harvia launches a new brand, Sentio by Harvia, which introduces experiences for all senses and complete mind-body balance into sauna bathing. The brand combines internationally recognised design, practicality and state-of-the-art technology in a unique way. Sentio by Harvia guarantees a first-class experience for even the most demanding sauna user.

“The level of demands that consumers have for their saunas is rising. More and more often, they call for high quality and a comprehensive experience. Europeans are interested in equipment and digitalisation in saunas, and we created Sentio by Harvia to answer these needs,” says Sami Linna, marketing director, Harvia.

Sentio by Harvia represents innovative sauna heater technology and internationally recognised design that fulfils the dreams of the most demanding interior decorator. The Concept R Mini Combi design heater won the international iF DESIGN AWARD and utilises advanced triple casing technology, with which the outer surface of the heater remains cooler than in regular heaters. Concept R heaters look stylish from every angle, and the heater can even be placed in the middle of the sauna.

Inspiration for wellbeing – innovative hybrid sauna restores and relaxes

Sentio by Harvia introduces new solutions for the well-being of both mind and body. The collection’s infrared heaters offer a luxurious way of relaxing and cleansing in the midst of hectic everyday life – at home, in a spa or at the gym.

The specialty of the brand is an innovative hybrid sauna developed by Harvia, which uses new technology to combine two different ways of enjoying the sauna – the relaxing infrared sauna and the traditional electric sauna.

“Consumers are aware of the benefits of taking a sauna, and want to invest more in their wellbeing. In a hybrid sauna, they can enjoy the even moisture while feeling the heat of the infrared deep in their muscles,” Linna describes.

Atmosphere and experiences – complete freedom to relax

Sentio by Harvia offers more than just high class heaters and design. The brand turns taking a sauna into an all-inclusive moment of relaxation and bliss for all senses, paying attention to every detail. With details that appeal to different senses, everyone can create the sauna experience to match their individual tastes. Sensual sauna scents and top-of-the-line sound system designed specifically for saunas create the perfect sauna atmosphere.

New digital technology, such as control centres and remote use with mobile devices, brings ease of use and freedom to the sauna experience. Mobile remote use enables controlling the sauna easily with one’s own smart device. With the control centre, the moisture and temperature of the sauna can be adjusted to suit the user’s wishes, and mood lighting requires only a gentle touch.

“The most popular reason for taking a sauna, in Finland as well as around the world, is relaxation. We wanted to create a completely new kind of brand that offers a complete sauna experience and stimulates all senses,” says Linna.

Harvia Oyj

Harvia is one of the world’s leading sauna and spa companies. Established in 1950 by Tapani Harvia, the Finnish sauna heater manufacturer has grown into an internationally known brand, whose technologically advanced products are imported to more than 80 countries. Alongside sauna heaters, Harvia offers sauna rooms, infrared and steam rooms, spa modules, digital control units and other sauna accessories suitable for different sauna and spa cultures. Harvia offers enjoyable sauna and spa moments for all senses creating natural well-being and relaxation. The company employs approximately 365 people in China, Estonia, Finland and Russia. The net sales of the profitable and growing Harvia Group were approximately 60,1 million euros in 2017. The Austrian Sentiotec GmbH has been part of the Harvia Group since 2016.