Vibro loudspeakers

An unobtrusive creator of soundscapes.

Sentio by Harvia’s Vibro acoustic speakers create fantastic musical soundscapes in your sauna room. The speakers utilise the sauna room’s structures to play the music. The musical experience is captivating and will enrich your sauna experience.

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The Vibro loudspeakers suit the taste of even the most demanding sauna designers. The sauna will not lose its elegance, because the loudspeakers are small and unobtrusive. These surface-installed loudspeakers are typically placed underneath the benches, which allows for the sauna room’s beautiful wall panels to remain intact and retain their finished look.

Sentio by Harvia makes sauna design a pleasant experience. The Vibro loudspeakers are easy to install, and they can be placed unobtrusively in the ceiling panels or under the benches. During installation, attention should be paid to the material of the surface on which the loudspeaker is attached, because the loudspeaker uses it to reproduce sound. Different kinds of surfaces offer different kinds of musical experiences. Discover your favourite.

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