Sentio Pronet

For controlling a smart sauna.

Sentio by Harvia’s Pronet will allow you to place your sauna control unit wherever you want. The browser-based control panel brings all the control functions of a sauna to your smart device or computer. Advanced sauna control that allows you to fully relax.

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Sentio by Harvia’s Sentio Pronet turns a smart device or computer into a sauna control unit. A modern sauna experience can start almost anywhere. Professionals also benefit from the features offered by Sentio Pronet. Connect Sentio Pronet wirelessly to the network and enjoy the opportunities offered by remote sauna control. In addition to heating up the sauna, the browser-based control panel makes it easy to control the temperature and humidity of the sauna room. Sentio Pronet is designed to be compatible with Sentio by Harvia’s high-quality Professional control unit family.

Sentio Pronet offers unforgettable experiences for the customers of hotels, sports centres or spas. You can heat up the sauna so that it is ready for the guests immediately when they arrive at the hotel. Sentio Pronet makes it possible to adjust the temperature and humidity of the sauna room with a smartphone, tablet or computer without disturbing the sauna experience of the spa guests.

Technical information
Color White
  • Heater power (kW)
  • Power rating of the evaporator (kW)
  • Infrared operation