Sauna ladle and bucket

Softness to a streamlined interior design.

Sentio by Harvia offers a modern sauna interior. Streamlined. Or exactly as ornamental as you wish. Design your sauna into the oasis of relaxation of your dreams. The body and mind relax, surrounded completely by gentle heat and an aesthetic interior.


The elegant lines of the bucket are perfect for finishing off the sauna interior; its wooden handle adds an element of softness to the robust steel vessel. The bucket design matches the style of Sentio by Harvia’s modern sauna heaters and infrared radiators, and it is the perfect final touch to the interior design of your relaxing sauna room.

Sauna ladle

Add an element of softness to your Sentio by Harvia sauna interior with a modern sauna ladle. The long handle made out of light-coloured wood suits the streamlined style of the interior. The wooden part of the sauna ladle is the same shade as the safety railings of the elegant Sentio by Harvia sauna heaters and the infrared radiator backrests. Add details to bring your sauna interior beautifully together.

Technical information
Type SBHACC101 / SBHACC103
Color Black
  • Width (cm)
    27 (bucket), 10 (sauna ladle)
  • Height (cm)
    19 (bucket), 43 (sauna ladle)
  • Depth (cm)
    24 (bucket)