Qube Pro safety railing 30 – 36 kW

The appearance of Sentio by Harvia’s Qube is robust and streamlined. A wooden safety railing attached around the sauna heater adds an element of lightness to the appearance. Compatible with Qube Pro 30 – 36 kW.

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Design & safety

The stone space of the stylish Qube sauna heater is surrounded by brushed steel, and the bottom is graphite black. As a finishing touch, we recommend a wooden handrail that goes around the heater. The safety railing of the heater will lighten the otherwise robust appearance of Qube and add safety to the sauna. The safety railing is attached to the heater with fixing brackets that are delivered separately.


The light, sleek Qube safety railing is delivered as a half-length model. The half-length safety railing is the perfect finishing touch to the appearance of a Qube Pro heater installed in a corner. When the Qube Pro is installed at the centre of the sauna room, you can use two safety railings to finish off the sauna heater, creating a wooden railing that goes around the whole heater.

Technical information