Professional C2

For a new kind of sauna experience.

The Professional control units make new kinds of hybrid sauna experiences possible, when the control panel is connected to a combination of an electric heater and infrared radiators. Controlling the sauna is easy, particularly when the Professional is connected to Sentio Pronet. Together with Pronet, the Professional unit makes it possible to use a browser application to control the sauna experience.

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User experience

The Professional control units provide an enjoyable user experience and a clear view of the selections. Thanks to the unit’s diverse range of features, you can safely heat up your sauna for bathing. The timer feature makes it possible to turn the sauna heater off automatically in accordance with the opening hours of the spa. The Professional C2 control unit is designed for professional use, and it is suitable for controlling even high-powered electric heaters. The control unit can also be used to control the lighting and ventilation in the sauna room.

Hybrid sauna

The combination of heat and the tender power of infrared waves creates the most enchanting sauna experience. The Professional C2 control unit is also a perfect choice for controlling hybrid saunas. Use the Pro C2 unit to turn the infrared radiators in the hybrid sauna on and off. The Professional unit can be used to control a 3.5 kW infrared solution in all.

For professionals

Control units designed for professional use have high requirements. Sentio by Harvia has met the challenge with a versatile control unit selection; its Professional series units are designed to suit even the most demanding locations. Only high-quality and long-lasting components have been used in the units. Available as an accessory, Sentio Pronet gives you the opportunity to make spa sauna control even easier. Connected to Sentio Pronet, the Professional unit makes it possible to use a browser application to control the sauna experience.

Technical information
Type PRO-C2
Color White
  • Width (cm)
  • Height (cm)
  • Depth (cm)
  • Heater power (kW)
  • Additional output power (kW)
    3.5 kW (on/off), 0.5 kW (dimmable)
  • Power (light, kW)
  • Power (fan, kW)
  • Infrared operation
  • One-sensor system
  • Two-sensor system
  • Temperature display
  • Remote start
  • Adjustable heating time limit
  • Adjustable pre-set time
  • User programs
  • Bus-compatible (RS485)
  • Compatible with Sentio Pronet