Just Sauna

For a perfect sauna bathing experience.

Sentio by Harvia’s Just Sauna is an elegantly designed control unit equipped with a touchscreen control panel for electric heaters and hybrid saunas. Controlling the sauna heater or a combination of infrared radiators and the sauna heater is easy with the control panel with LED lights.

Complete control

In addition to the top-class design, Just Sauna also offers a pleasant user experience. In addition to controlling the electric heater, the control unit is also suitable for controlling the sauna room lighting and ventilation. Just Sauna controls all features of the sauna with just a single touch.

The combination of heat and the tender power of infrared waves creates the most enchanting sauna experience. Just Sauna is also perfect for controlling a hybrid sauna. Use Just Sauna to turn the infrared radiators in the hybrid sauna on and off. The control unit can be used to control a 1500 W infrared solution in all.

Technical information
Type JUST-105D-FI
Color Black
Download Instruction manual
  • Heater power (kW)
  • Additional output power (kW)
    3.5 (switching power) / 0.5 (dimmable)
  • Power (light, kW)
  • Power (fan, kW)
  • Infrared operation
  • One-sensor system
  • Two-sensor system
  • Adjustable heating time limit