Sauna technology for the modern age.

Sentio by Harvia’s Home.com4 is a control unit that utilises Bluetooth technology and allows the users to control the sauna functions with their smart devices. Home.com4 controls all three sauna types: the traditional sauna, the infrared sauna and their combination, the hybrid sauna.

You can load the Home.com4 application for you mobile device here: for Apple or Android.

product design

Home.com4 provides a simple and elegant solution for controlling the sauna experience. The design of the control panel is simple, yet stylish. The option pickers of the control unit are clear both on the control panel and in the application. Home.com4 is the ideal solution for family saunas. Heating up the sauna is both easy and safe, because the control unit is connected to the sauna heater’s safety switch. To keep the smallest members of the family safe, you can also set a keypad lock on the control unit.


Sentio by Harvia enables the easiest way of heating up a sauna. The modern Home.com4 control unit is connected to the application with Bluetooth technology, which turns a smart device into a sauna control unit. Preparing a sauna experience becomes easier than ever, because you can heat up the sauna almost anywhere. The sauna experience of your dreams is only a touch away.

Sauna experience

Home.com4 makes the sauna experience effortless. Presets for each bather’s preferences can be saved in the Home.com4 application. Save presets for different kinds of sauna experiences, such as the traditional sauna, the hybrid sauna and the infrared sauna. Thanks to the presets, the bather is only a touch away from the moment of their dreams in the sauna. For a final touch, you can add lighting to please the eye to each sauna experience. Before climbing onto the benches, mood music can be selected with a smart device. Thanks to the simple presets, frequent bathers also enjoy the application’s timer functions. You can set the sauna to be heated up at a suitable time on a certain day by using the week timer.

Energy efficiency

Sentio by Harvia’s Home.com4 application makes more environmentally friendly sauna evenings possible. Thanks to the Eco mode, you can enjoy the sauna as long as you like while being energy-efficient. The sauna functions can be set to Eco mode for an hour-long break for swimming or cooling down, for example. Sentio by Harvia’s Home.com4 sets the sauna functions to sleep mode and ensures that the sauna experience is ready when the bathers come back to enjoy the heat. The equipment stays in sleep mode and consumes much less electricity while the bathers are taking a break to cool down, which makes it possible to heat the sauna back up to the bathing temperature quickly and in an energy-efficient manner.

Technical information
Type HC4-B
Color Black
  • Width (cm)
  • Height (cm)
  • Depth (cm)
  • Heater power (kW)
  • Power rating of the evaporator (kW)
  • Additional output power (kW)
    3.5 kW (on/off), 0.5 kW (dimmable)
  • Power (light, kW)
  • Power (fan, kW)
  • Humidity operation
  • Infrared operation
  • Temperature control
  • Coloured light
  • Music player
  • One-sensor system
  • Two-sensor system
  • Temperature display
  • Humidity indicator
  • Adjustable heating time limit
  • Adjustable pre-set time
  • User programs