Ergonomic backrest, 500 W

Relaxation created by heat.

Sentio by Harvia’s backrests add stylish design to infrared saunas. The ergonomically designed backrest supports the whole spine, adapting to its shape. The support reaches all the way up to the head, enabling perfect relaxation of the neck and shoulders.

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product design

Sentio by Harvia takes sauna experiences to a whole new level. The caressing effect of an infrared sauna is the most effective when the infrared radiation is focused on the spine area. Inspired by the relaxing warmth, Sentio by Harvia wants to provide its customers with ergonomically designed backrests, which will make your sauna experience even more pleasurable. Suitable fragrances, beautiful lighting and relaxing music will be the cherry on top of an experience that stimulates all of your senses.


The backrest in light-coloured wood enables an even more relaxing experience, because it creates a gentler angle for the back between the seat and the wall. The backrest consists of small pieces that adjust to the position of the back. The beautifully shaped backrest also includes a support for the head; leaning on it creates a feeling of complete relaxation.

Technical information
Type 514-L
  • Width (cm)
  • Height (cm)
Compatible product

Sentio by Harvia infrared radiator

Backrest 514-L is compatible with the 500 W infrared radiator.

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