Valavier Aktivresort
Brand bei Bludenz, Austria

Modern design at a scenic spot

Valavier Aktivresort is a design hotel in the middle of Austrian mountain scenery, designed for those who enjoy nature, exercise and feeling good.

Design and sauna technology, the strongest elements of Sentio by Harvia, meet in a unique way at the sauna & spa area of the Austrian hotel. The product selections represent sleek Central European design, offering the most advanced of features to the customers of the spa. The bather only needs to enjoy the moment, surrounded by soft steam and an elegant interior.

Airy, light scenic sauna

Valavier Aktivresort is a design hotel in the middle of Austrian mountain scenery, designed for those who enjoy nature, exercise and feeling good. The breathtakingly gorgeous nature also fills the hotel’s sauna area. The front of the sauna room is made of glass, offering the bathers a stunning view.

The benches and the wall are light in colour. The soft wood material feels pleasant against the skin when you relax on the benches. The lightness is highlighted by the large skylight.

The sauna area is designed to be as full of light as possible.

A meeting of elegant design and the latest technology

The stylish sauna interior is completed by the Sentio by Harvia Concept R sauna heater. The features of the sauna heater make it the perfect source of heat for design spas. Concept R is an impressive sauna heater when seen from any side, which means that from the point of view of interior design, installing it next to a large picture window was an elegant solution.

In addition to style, the design of Concept R also emphasises safety. The stylish outer casing of the sauna heater has three layers, which means that the outer casing remains at a moderate temperature even when the heater is on.

“We chose the Concept R sauna heater for the Valavier hotel because it looks so elegant – even in a sauna, where one of the walls is a window. Thanks to its special outer casing, we can also trust that the spa visitors will not burn themselves on the heater in the sauna.”

– Reinhard Hager, developer, HFT Hager

The safety railing in light-coloured wood attached to the sauna heater adds lightness to the robust black outer casing. The safety railing is equipped with a safety switch, which makes the sauna heater a perfect choice for a public sauna.

Creating a perfect spa experience in Valavier is simple and easy thanks to the Professional series control units, designed for professional use. The sauna experience can be controlled quickly and simply with the control panels of the series, which makes it easy to meet the customers’ heat preferences.

Gentle heat in a rustic sauna room

In addition to the scenic sauna, the spa area of the Valavier hotel also includes a steam room and a traditional sauna with gorgeous details that exudes a rustic atmosphere. The wall panels add dark grey tones to the sauna. The colour lights and the automated water dispenser add the final touch to the sauna experience. The bather only needs to enjoy the gentle and humid heat while the automated water dispenser adds more water on the hot stones of the Concept R sauna heater.

The Concept R heaters have been paired with an automated water dispenser.