For hybrid saunas

Combine the traditional sauna bath with the soothing heat from the infrared sauna

Enjoy a Sentio by Harvia sauna experience in a modern hybrid sauna, where the humid heat from a traditional sauna heater is combined with the smooth warmth of infrared.

Take your senses to a new level and enjoy the diverse nature and comfort of use of a hybrid sauna. The steadily rising vapours from a Combi heater equipped with a steamer add a bit of luxury to your sauna bathing experience. Simultaneously, you can relax while the infrared brings soft warmth deep into your muscles. You can use the sauna heater and infrared radiators together or separately, depending on your own preferences.

A relaxing sauna experience can also be complemented with pleasant colour lights, some music that fits the mood, and sauna fragrances. Furthermore, you can control all this with Sentio by Harvia’s control unit. Even remotely on your device.

For a hybrid sauna, you will need a traditional sauna heater, a set of infrared radiators and a control unit, such as Sentio by Harvia Professional B3 or Home.com4, to control both types of equipment. Feel free to ask for more information from our experts. Read more about hybrid sauna