Housing Fair 2018

A hybrid sauna and natural design at the Housing Fair in Pori

We presented the latest sauna technology and design at our Luoto site at the Housing Fair in Pori from 6 July to 5 August 2018.

A modern log house with indoor and outdoor saunas

Luoto combines modern architecture with traditional building methods. The combination of tradition and new technology can also be seen in the design of the house’s saunas. The main building has a Sentio by Harvia hybrid sauna, while in the yard you can relax in a Harvia Solide outdoor sauna.

Two saunas, three different ways of bathing

The versatility of the saunas is what makes the site as a whole unique. The Sentio by Harvia hybrid sauna, which had just been launched, was chosen for the main building; it combines an infrared sauna with a traditional sauna with an electric heater in the same space.

The hybrid sauna was created by including Sentio by Harvia’s Concept R Combi heater and an infrared radiator in the same sauna area.

“We got interested in the infrared sauna from the point of view of wellbeing and recovery in particular. In the sauna of the main building, you can help your muscles recover after exercising with the infrared heat, or you can enjoy the gentle heat of a traditional sauna. As for the outdoor sauna, it has plenty of space for larger groups to relax and spend time at the poolside.”

– Janne Vilponen, the builder of the house

Technology creates safety and user comfort

The common thread in the design of the house is safety, and the builders wanted to build themselves a healthy, easy-care home with a clear style. To increase user comfort, the Harvia Pro 3 control unit that also makes remote use of the sauna possible was selected for the main building sauna.

“We have taken safety and user comfort into account in the sauna design. This shows in the details of the sauna, such as the low profile steps and the technological solutions chosen. The control unit ensures that the main building sauna has the necessary safety equipment,” Vilponen says.

Clear design suits the look of a modern log house

The Concept R Combi sauna heater and the Harvia Solide benches create a fresh, modern look for the main building sauna. The same Scandinavian design continues in the pool and relaxation area of the outdoor sauna, for which the Harvia Solide Outdoor sauna was selected.

Concept R Combi sauna heater.

“For us, the sauna is a place of relaxation where you can spend time together. When choosing the benches and the sauna interior, we paid attention to ensuring that the benches have enough space for spending time while relaxing in addition to their appearance. There is plenty of room for 5–6 people on the benches of the outdoor sauna,” Vilponen adds.

The Harvia Legend Duo woodburning stove that is heated from the outside creates a cottage atmosphere in the outdoor sauna of an urban home – you can cool down next to the fireplace after bathing, if you like.